Born to Thrive Retreat with Susana Kennedy

A weekend getaway where you will feel truly pampered, loved and refueled, ready to take yourself to the next level, stepping into a thriving new reality!You'll learn her start-from-nothing approach to becoming your highest, happiest and most present and powerful self.

The path to lifelong happiness, well-being, confidence in yourself and your dreams begins right now! Self-love is the seed of all possibilities, without it you may as well be watering a stone because nothing can grow, but with it, the possibilities are endless! No more hiding, no more insecurities, no more excuses. Self-Love is something that can be cultivated and developed and as you do so, you will open the doors to abundance in all area’s of your life. Stop simply existing and start living a fully, loving completely and thriving in abundance!

You’ll learn key strategies and exercises from Susana Kennedy, the creator of “Love, Health & Happiness” and “Liberated, Lovely & Loaded”. Susana will take you on a journey, a weekend of discovering the true meaning of self-love, from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave you will experience love on a completely different level. You will also learn how to cultivate a state of joy and equilibrium which will elevate you through life’s challenges and allow you to move through them in a completely different way. And finally you will also learn to shift your mind into an abundance consciousness so that you shift into flow and begin to attract the life you’ve always wanted to live.


Included in this incredible weekend retreat:

  • Workshops and classes throughout the three days
  • Accommodation for 2 nights in a 5 Star Boutique Hotel
  • Dinner on both Friday and Saturday evening
  • Breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday morning
  • Lunch on both Saturday and Sunday
  • 1 x massage per person
  • 5 x tea/coffee breaks (one Friday afternoon upon arrival at 2pm. 2 on Saturday, one mid morning, one mid afternoon. 2 on Sunday one mid  morning, one mid afternoon.

Location: Abalone House & Spa, Paternoster

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You'll learn her start-from-nothing approach to becoming your highest, happiest, and most present and powerful self.

Only 12 spots available

I am very excited and honoured to announce that my incredible friend and Yogi, Lara Helene Roux, will be guiding participants through their daily yoga practice over the Born to Thrive weekend. I have known Lara for almost six years now and to know her, is to love her, her irrepressible spirit, her lightness and her grace. She has a strength in her softness that resonates through her practice and teaching. That connection she has to life is amplified through her Yoga exploring the heart, mind and soul connection of moving meditation. Music and play are at the core, she has an essence of fun that runs through all that she is, she motivates a dance through this journey of life, punctuated with the essence of Praṇā.An open student of life, she brings that openness to her practice and encourages the exploration of individual truth. Her practice inspires one to open their heart and mind, letting the world go, while being mindful of the present moment. Challenging us to find ourselves in the tumult of a millennial life. To be in a room with her is to delight one’s spirit to be in a class is to let that spirit soar. Lara completed a 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2011, 200 hour Forrest Yoga Training in Chicago in 2012 and an advanced teacher training with Patrick Creelman in 2013.